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Cheers, Alf" I came across a couple of other interesting toolbox saws Bishop's Bull Dog Toolbox Saw. Any ideas as to what the intended use of this is? The seller confirms a spokeshave has been fitted to the top. Looks like a thicknesser for thin strips such as instrument makers use, Paul. Somewhere, I've seen a similar thing, but of all-wood construction except for the blade , and if I remember correctly, the blade was set to scrape, not slice.

It was in an old FWW, I think.. I don't think I need one at the moment: I had a closer look at the pictures in the light of Ian's comments.

The Stanley Bench Plane Page

Now I see that the bed, which is on the top, is metal and that I suppose is the reason for the bolts underneath. The larger images show the gap under the blade. I know I have it pretty bad U You would need to love a hammer or two That is some collection. Now, where to put it What could you do with all those hammers?

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I mean, they're not even handsaws or chisels or anything She obviously thinks he's cuckoo too. D Paul Thanks Peter. When are you picking them up? U Paul, I know that "funny tight-lipped, hard-eyed stare" very well: Over the last 12 months I've been taking a substantial amount to the HTPAA tool sales, especially the Stanley stuff, and letting it go.

Restoring a DESTROYED Stanley no 5 1/4 Hand Plane ft. Evaporust

Not as much space for display here, and the new, maybe temporary rule I've imposed on myself is I'm about 1 year into a 12 year project there Maybe you could do the same: U There are 36 in the jewellery workshop Peter, Oh, just remembered, these by Henry Cheney are nice, only one has been used.

Just saw this ad on Gumtree - I've been looking on and off for a while now but this is the first I've seen for sale in South Africa. It's not going dirt cheap, but I'm tempted to make an offer.

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Shipping may be an issue as it's on the other side of the country. He's spent years and probably not an insubstantial amount of money on one thing. Hammers and the time and space to house them.

follow We could all take something away from that. Just considering the time involved makes my head swim, my eyes water and bowels strain - well, maybe pull back a bit on the bowel straining bit, especially now I'm older. Anyway, hammers at one a day would take over twelve years to accumulate. At one hammer a week it would take eighty six years. A large portion of his life has been defined by it. And then there's the hanging of them But, imagine the pleasure.

Ahhhh, the pure high of walking among them. Stroking them, smelling them, watching them and taking it all in. Staying up late and playing with them. The blisss, the bliss. Maybe better than sex? Maybe better than my sex. I can only wonder at his love and devotion because that's what it is. I guess all of us have a little or more of this in ourselves. Isn't there a tiny pocket of this in each of us.

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A little niche where we hide a yearning to do something just for number one, no matter how different it seems to outsiders. What we do irrespective of the opinions of other. And, a parallel universe that only we have the keys to. Heaven on earth, Nirvana and Footscray winning a premiership all rolled into a collection that must have become a way of life. How awful it must be to have to stop. To give it up. To reluctantly walk away.

To see it on ebay. This pain of course is reflected in the asking price.

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  5. The reasons for selling the collection after all this time must be too devastating to contemplate. The tears must have been hidden in solitude. In among the hammers, the hanging hammers. We all will come to this. She told I need to stop looking at that crap as it might make me think I'm normal. I'm not sure which would be worse, seeing it displayed or You have to give him one thing at least. A moving essay on the essence of these forum pages C That would explain the nude sunbathing then. U It's not the excess of information that hurts but the recognition of self.: There is another copy of Wood in Australia by Bootle on eBay at an attractive price.

    A mini smoothing plane http: I'm not at all sure what one would do with such a thing, but it seems that there are three of them. I've just had this pointed out to me: Jim I think we can say it is the first time he has sold on Ebay and possibly it could be the last: I hadn't realised the Romans had Dremel style engravers.

    He's taking the mickey This chisel has been listed for well over a year. Can't imagine why it hasn't sold yet P'raps 23 bucks for a used-up chisel is just a leetle bit ambitious? Maybe it would move if it were re-advertised as a vintage tooth-pick for Lumberjacks UThat particular seller is notorious for trying to sell rusty, worn out, or incomplete tools for premium prices. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

    I tend to have three types of chisels: Good luck, my friend! I think Home Depot may have them. I have a mortiser but always need to fine tune the joints. I am slowly coming to the realization that I may need a couple sets as you suggest.

    “How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

    I would rather sharpen all the tools at once and grab them when needed, this goes for chisels and planes. Acquiring old Chisels to me is almost like a game of cards. You keep drawing and discarding until you have a hand you really like. Its kind of fun that way. As of most of my wood working tool my Chisels are old. Here are some of my Chisel they are larger, but my thought was I still could by a refine set later. Like Blue Sprue one nice set: For me this is a difficult talk! I love vintage, and would at any day give away a new set of factory made chisels at any brand, for an old beautiful vintage quality set.

    A2 steel will hold a edge for a long time on a high angel grind so excellent for fieldwork and building, A1 steel will be preferable for a cabinetmakers chisels, and so. I see again and again people claim that LN is the best, and this is wrong. So when people ask what chisels they should buy they have to bring some info; price range, use and taste.

    Me was one of those idiots who did not ask and just fly out to buy what I read was the best, so I bought a set of Bahco and these are really wonderful chisels, but just not what I was looking for!

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    So next step was to slowly build knowledge and try to find answers. My personal answer for now: A set of old English firmer chisels with their old original handles in box wood, these cut so wonderful and reminds me in use of the Japanese, they are excellent for paring. I guess due to the steel that are hard but not brittle. A set of rebuild and rehandled old English chisels, that I changed into a dovetail set, fishtail, skewed and paring with short rounded handles for grip and control with the hand.

    These again are hard but able to have a low angel grind and be razor sharp. A set of old French mortise chisels made from their old military sword maker, I have just rehandled them in old style, and they are nothing less than wonderful. A set of Bacho , these are a set of wonderful chisels in excellent quality, but not for the workshop, they are for construction work, so they are rounded, much too hard steel for my taste, and made for site purpose, where they will hold a edge long I prefer a sharp edge easy set, than a slowly more dull.